Katie Bradley with Chris Corcoran Trio Sat 22nd Dec
Future gigs:
Sat 22nd Dec
Sat 5th Jan
Fri 15th Feb
Katie has had a passion for the Blues from an early age. Her voice and Blues harp have taken her anywhere she sets her heart on: the UK, Europe and the U.S. Everywhere Katie plays she wins the camaraderie of great musicians the world over. Her versatility and natural stage persona is full of verve and soul which is infectious to audiences and players. Chris Corcoran is one of the most dynamic and exciting guitar players on the UK blues/swing/jazz scene. He runs his own instrumental trio which performs in London regularly, and this year Chris appeared at The Walldorf Rock n Roll Weekender, in Germany, the Festival of Vintage, Espom and provided the house band for the UK Boogie Woogie Festival.